European Projects

National and European level of Action

Helping Hand operates in Greece, and especially in the region of Attica. Helping Hand is a member of European Consortia and cooperates with partners from the EU, in the framework of EU projects in the areas of its interest and expertise.


Participation in European Projects

Helping Hand is partner in the following European Projects.

1. Improving Inclusion of EU Mobile Citizens (IMPEU)


The aim of the project Improving Inclusion of EU Mobile Citizens (IMPEU) is to foster political participation of EU mobile citizens and enhance capacity and knowledge of civil servants and relevant national, regional and local experts on EU citizenship and related political rights.The first phase of the project will focus on the research into best practices on political inclusion policies across the European Union.

2. EffectiVe Social Integration Of mobile EU citizeNs (EnVISION)


The EffectiVe Social Integration Of mobile EU citizeNs (EnVISION) project establishes the principle of a two-way process, with an aim to foster the successful inclusion and participation of mobile EU citizens and their family members in the host EU country's civic and political life and their participation in the democratic life of the EU.


The EnVISION project will establish an innovative three-dimensional methodology on active participation, embracing all three major stakeholder groups: a) Local Administrative Staff and Experts, b) Local Societies and c) mobile EU citizens themselves- in a common “space” of interaction.


The project is funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission(2014- 2020).