What we do?

’We are extremely dedicated to our goals and to achieving the best results’’

In a changing world, Helping Hand focuses on:

-    Promoting Education and Training in all areas of Lifelong Learning
Helping Hand is committed to strengthening people’s right in all forms of education and promoting the lifelong learning. Education is the main element for building a strong society. We endorse education as a basic human right for every person.  

-    Setting up initiatives related to the protection of rights of people with disabilities, and especially of the vulnerable groups
We support the respect and protection of human rights, especially of the vulnerable groups, minorities and people with disabilities. We endorse equal access to opportunities for all.

-    Promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities for people with disabilities, migrants, refugees and socially vulnerable groups in general, as well as to support those people and their families
Helping Hand is actively engaged in promoting the social inclusion of people with disabilities, migrants, refugees and in general socially vulnerable groups. We try to develop the appropriate tools, so as allowing all those people to be part of the society.

-    Undertaking initiatives about the mental health such as the provision of psychological support to vulnerable social groups such as people with disabilities, unemployed, immigrants

-    Raising awareness about issues of social and cultural interest, safeguarding of cultural heritage

-    Setting up initiatives related to environmental actions in order to protect the environment, animal kingdom and maritime heritage

-    Promoting the sustainable development and setting up initiatives about the support and development of renewable sources

-    Promoting gender equality and defending the human rights of women

-    The social development, welfare, combat of social exclusion and support the minority populations and other vulnerable groups