About Helping Hand

Helping Hand is a non-Governmental, non-profit Organization,based in Athens.

Aims of Helping Hand

  1. To promote Education and Training in all areas of Lifelong Learning
  2. To set up initiatives related to the protection of rights of people with disabilities, and especially of the vulnerable groups, to raise awareness on social, cultural and environmental issues.
  3. To promote Social Inclusion and equal opportunities for people with disabilities, migrants, refugees and socially vulnerable groups in general, as well as to support those people and their families
  4. To undertake initiatives about the mental health such as the provision of psychological support to vulnerable social groups such as people with disabilities, unemployed, immigrants etc
  5. To raise awareness about issues of social and cultural interest.
  6. To raise awareness about the safe guarding of cultural heritage
  7. To set up initiatives related to environmental actions in order to protect the environment, animal kingdom and maritime heritage
  8. To promote the sustainable development
  9. To set up initiatives about the support and development of renewable sources
  10. To promote gender equality and / or defending the human rights of women
  11. The social development, welfare, combat of social exclusion and support the minority populations and other vulnerable groups (such as migrants,repatriated, refugees).

Our Mission & Vision

Contribute to effectively addressing contemporary societal challenges

Create positive, multiplying, sustainable impact

Raise social consciousness and awareness in Greece, EU and worldwide

Areas of Activity

  • Social inclusion and integration, human rights
  • Gender equality and mainstreaming
  • Employability and equal opportunities
  • Active citizenship
  • Scientific research and know-how development in social policy issues
  • Education, training, upskilling
  • Promotion of technology-enhanced learning and innovation
  • Needs-tailored Research
  • Cooperation with similar organisations at the local and the international environment.

Approach and Team

Interdisciplinary approach - Multidisciplinary team


Highly specialized researchers from the fields of:


Communication technologies


Social and political sciences

Arts and humanities

Helping Hand Team is experienced in project management and the implementation of national, EU-funded and international projects.


National and European level of Action

Helping Hand operates in Greece, and especially in the region of Attica. Helping Hand is a member of European Consortia and cooperates with partners from the EU, in the framework of EU projects in the areas of its interest and expertise.


Participation in European Projects

Helping Hand is partner in the following European Projects.